Finding Natural Remedies For Aches And Pains

Being in pain is never fun.  As we get older our minds tell us that we can still do the things we used to do in our youth, but our bodies tell us a totally different story.  For centuries people have been looking for the cure all solutions to pain.  Most recently, the introduction of CBD for pain relief has taken the market by storm.  The CBD oil can now be found almost everywhere and has been shown to have great results.

Herbal remedies

Herbal remedies are starting to become more and more popular.  Compounds like CBD oil are fast acting, can be taken in a number of different ways and are non-addictive like some non-herbal remedies.  When looking into herbal remedies you will find a wide assortment of remedies that will work for pain, stomach distress and much more.


One of the most underused treatments for pain is exercise.  When we exercise and move our bodies we are breaking up connective tissues, increasing blood flow and increasing our energy.  For many people suffering from pain however, getting up and moving can be a chore.  This is why you need to do it.  When we get up and move our bodies are given the power to heal itself.  Over time the pain will subside it will just be a matter of getting over it at the beginning.


Before exercising make sure to stretch.  Stretching wakes up your body in a gentle way.  Jarring or shocking your body will only cause more harm than good.  Make sure to stretch for ten minutes before engaging in any form of exercise.

CBD for pain reliefCBD oil

Hot Baths

Take a hot bath.  Showers are okay but a bath will be more relaxing.  When soaking in the water add a few drops of lavender oil to the water, light some candles and darken the room as much as possible.  When we take a hot bath and specifically a hot bath as described we are putting our bodies into a state of relaxation.  This state of relaxation will calm our muscles removing the aches and pains.  When you are done this would be the best time to apply your CBD oil.

No alcohol or other drugs

When we consume alcohol, we thin our blood and open ourselves up for bruising and other physical pains.  It is true that alcohol numbs the nerve receptors in the brain allowing the body to reject pain, however, this is only a temporary solution and depending on how much alcohol you consume waking up with a hangover can be worse.


The greatest thing that you can do when it comes to pain relief is to experiment.  Try changing your diet, your sleep patterns, medications and more.  When you experiment, you will find the perfect balance between pain, physical activity and the quality of life.  No matter if you are using CBD oil or if you are using other forms of pain relief experimenting and understanding that what works for you may not work for someone else.  Experiment and live as high of a quality of life that you can.